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With more than 60 years’ combined experience, Australian Aged Care Compliance principals Raylene and Colin Liddicoat are experts in aged care procedure, policy, nursing, education and mentoring.

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Aged Care Assessment

Get an independent, unbiased expert audit of your service and its quality standards strengths and weaknesses.

Aged Care Compliance

Partner with our experts to confidently manage your facility’s transformation from non- compliance to successful reassessment.

Aged Care Maintenance

Learn how to continue the good work with quality risk management, culture change and policies for long-term success.

Leading Aged Care Compliance Consultants.

We help non-compliant aged care facilities become compliant in six months.

As an aged care director, you are under pressure to deliver quality care to residents while also managing a large and complex workforce. Meanwhile, you’re required to adhere to comprehensive and ever-changing government guidelines.

Colin and Raylene Liddicoat are leading Australian aged care compliance consultants, helping aged care directors identify a clear path to achieving compliance. Beyond this, Colin and Raylene ensure sound, effective and strategic management to prevent recurrence of sanctions.

Established in 2018, AACC began when Colin and Raylene identified the need to serve the aged care industry with compliance consultancy services. What began as ad-hoc consulting to a single client, evolved into a strategic framework that is now applicable to a variety of aged care sanction scenarios.

With a combined 60 years’ experience in the industry and a comprehensive and proven CARERS system to ensure compliance within six months, AACC is uniquely placed to help Australian aged care directors feel confident in securing and exceeding compliance regulations.

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Raylene Liddicoat

Co-founder and Managing Director

Raylene brings a whole-service approach to AACC’s aged care compliance consultancy. With broad knowledge backed by extensive commitment to lifelong learning and extensive industry experience, Raylene is a capable mentor to staff. Raylene is deeply immersed herself in industry best practice and introduces new methodologies and models with an enthusiastic manner that encourages reluctant stakeholders to come along for the ride. Raylene brings vast experience in conflict resolution, coaching, systems and quality improvement.

“We’ve worked hard to develop our person-centred, whole organisation approach and that’s why it delivers better outcomes in quicker time frames,” says Raylene. “My focus is on empowering staff, building confidence and growing skills. The result is a more dignified, interactive and positive experience for everyone involved. It is incredibly rewarding to facilitate comprehensive transformations in the facilities we support. The benefits are felt long after the final review is complete. We aim to make ourselves redundant by leaving centres confident in the ability to implement their own strategies for care, HR, operations and risk management.”

Raylene has a Masters of Public Health (Chronic Disease Managment) from flinders University, a post graduate diploma in Home and Comunity Care from La Trobe University and numerous post graduate certificates and qualifications in nursing, training and chronic disease care and working with vulnerable communities.

Colin on Raylene

“Raylene has an uncanny ability to explain complex processes in simple, tangible ways. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she willingly shares her broad industry experience with her teams. She has her finger on the pulse on trends in the industry, both locally and internationally. She’s always seeking new ways to improve processes and find efficiencies. Even years later, she’s still sharing her insights with clients, and she maintains those relationships for the long-term.”

Colin Liddicoat

Co-founder and Managing Director

Colin is a leader in the aged care industry with decades of experience as a clinical nurse specialist in Ballarat Health Services’ critical care unit. Colin has a keen eye for auditing, risk management and quality control and a high attention to detail. Colin’s person-centred approach towards aged care management ensures that residents, staff and management feel supported. Colin believes in empowering staff to help them understand the detail of their role and how they contribute to the broader aged care strategic goals.

“The foundation of aged care sanctions can typically be traced back to organisational culture dysfunction. A problematic culture can be insidious and extremely difficult to correct,” says Colin. “I work with directors to identify the issues from a neutral position, which is challenging for those deeply immersed in the operational model. By gaining clarity and identifying a pathway for improvement, we can achieve spectacular changes in staff, resident, family and management satisfaction. When everyone’s happier to be there, impressive transformations follow.”

Colin is a member of the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses and the Australian College of Operating Room Nurses. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Management from Latrobe University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Critical Care & Emergency Nursing from Deakin University as well as numerous qualifications in dementia and comprehensive health.

Raylene on Colin

“Colin is a quiet achiever. He has an amazing person-centred approach towards aged care residents. He has an innate ability to quickly identify problems. He enjoys taking a deep dive into clinical care reviews and has a deep understanding of medication procedures.”

“Working with Raylene and her team at Australian Aged Care Compliance to revert NTA was a great opportunity. She and her team delivered consistent, timely and very informative trainings to the RNs, EENs and PCAs in a way that was easy to understand and to put to practice. She guided and mentored the RNs to consistently achieve quality of care.”
Fiker Likassa – Facility Manager, Kalyna Care

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