Often, issues in quality control can be traced back to culture. But how do you rectify such an intangible problem? Our people-led approach to aged care compliance makes all the difference.

By empowering staff to understand their roles and responsibilities, we achieve sustaining cultural change and strict procedural adherence. Imagine the difference a thriving, positive and harmonious culture could make to your aged care service.

Our aged care compliance framework.

Our signature system is fundamental to our success. No matter the sanction, no matter if you have failed in one area of quality control or several, the CARERS aged care compliance framework can get you back on track within six months.

Of course, you need to follow our advice. If you adhere to our instructions (and we make it easy to do so) we guarantee compliance within six months. In the case of sanction reduction, we can reduce the severity of the sanctions placed on you within six months.

But the work rests with you. You’ll get a powerful aged care compliance framework to follow. We are your cheerleaders and coaches to support you as you implement the tactics.


It all begins with compliance.
Do you need to conduct a self-assessment and have no idea where to begin?
Do you need to prepare for an impending validation audit?
We support you in achieving compliance and reduce your risk of new or further sanctions. We determine your current compliance level and determine the pathway to improvements


It’s nigh-impossible to complete an aged care compliance assessment when you’re also in a leadership position within your aged care facility. Even if you strive to be neutral, unconscious bias tends to creep in. A third party, objective assessment will ensure all parties are free to deliver honest 360ํ° feedback in a positive, constructive and harmonious way. We assess your facility against the compliance standards and assign priorities to address areas of non-compliance.


We create a plan to make your facility compliant within six months. We pay close attention to the current operational frameworks and identify opportunities for improvement. Often, processes are not empowering people to do their best work, or feel informed about their true roles and responsibilities, leading to procedural breakdowns. A ‘top-down’ directive is rarely effective. Instead, we model a socialisation plan to get staff and stakeholder buy-in from the onset.


A good plan needs execution We oversee the tactical delivery of the plan to ensure its effective implementation across the facility. Internal communications is an essential element of this process. We plan custom staff training programs based on our decades of experience in executing similar education systems. We oversee the staff as they transition to the new way of doing things and troubleshoot any issues as they arise


When the new system has been operational for a few months, we undertake an additional review to determine its success. While our programs are designed to eliminate the resistance or uncertainty that comes with systemic change, it can still happen. Our review will identify any additional quality control problems and take steps to rectify them before they become ingrained habits or undesirable practices


It is human nature to let standards slip, especially new standards. Part of our system helps prevent this occurring by supporting the new system to make it fully embedded into your facility’s methodology. The carrot is more powerful than the stick here. We create powerful incentives, underpinned by a deep understanding of cultural needs. The result is motivated, informed and empowered staff with a clear understanding of their role and function within the wider organisation.

Learn how the CARERS aged care compliance framework can help your facility become and stay compliant.
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