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Questions about aged care non-compliance

Find out more about aged care non-compliance and what to do if your facility has been found non-compliant.
What happens if I am found non-compliant?
You will receive a notice specifying the significant improvements required by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

If you do not make the improvements your facility will receive a sanction. This may mean you are not permitted to admit residents and can lose government funding.

The damage to your facility’s reputation and goodwill is extensive.

Sanctions are permanently listed on the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission website. It may be reported in local, state or national media, causing damage to your reputation.

So even if you get it removed, the past history is openly available to the public.

Typically it costs centres $1-2 million to deal with the fallout of getting a sanction and becoming compliant.

Can you help us if we have been sanctioned?
Yes. We can work with you to reduce the severity of sanctions through remedial compliance works.
What if I have an area of improvement notice?
If you don’t take action to improve, you will find yourself receiving a non-compliance notice. It is far preferable to take action at this early stage. Contact us to find out how we can assist you.
What do I need to do after getting an aged care non-compliance notice or sanction?
You need to prove that you’ve made significant changes to the relevant quality area. We can help you make these improvements and prepare for a reassessment.
What are your consultancy fees?
Our charges vary depending on several factors. This includes the number of non-compliance directives you’ve received, the size of your facility, the number of staff and residents and the level of involvement required to help you achieve compliance.
Do you work with aged care facilities in all states of Australia?
Yes. We help aged care facilities across Australia, regardless of location.
Can you help us prepare for an assessment?
Yes, we can give you a comprehensive third party audit designed to identify areas of improvement before your assessment. This will leave you feeling well-prepared and confident when your assessment takes place.
What if we have been found non compliant in more than one standard area?
Our strategy is suitable for all quality standard areas. If necessary, the action plan will be more extensive to cover multiple quality standards.
Do we need to inform residents, staff or families about the non compliance?
Yes you need to keep them informed every step of the way. WE can provide you with a communication plan and some strategies to assist you in this.
How long does your process take?
Provided you follow our directives, it takes us six months to get a non-compliant aged care facility back to compliance.
How much time do I have to invest to implement your framework?
This varies depending on the number of quality standards you need to address. Given the seriousness of the issue and the risks in receiving a sanction, we recommend you make rectifying problems your number one priority. This includes allocating time to work with us and implement our strategies. We work hard to minimise your contact hours. However your input is required to make the necessary changes, so we recommend you allocate at least 10-20 hours per week. We will advise you on how to manage other operational commitments while you undertake the project.
How do I get my staff onboard to create a culture change?
We have considerable experience in this area and will guide you through our strategic framework to get staff buy-in.
What happens if we are found non-compliant after reassessment?
This would be extremely unlikely and we have never had this happen. However we would continue to work with you to address the areas of non-compliance.
We are a new service. Can you help us gain accreditation?
Yes. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

We help you build back better

At Australian Aged Care Compliance, we’re exceptionally proud of our 100% success rate.

Every engagement we have undertaken to date has resulted in re-compliance, regardless of whether it be pre or post sanctions, through remedial compliance works.

Non-compliance can cost facilities millions. Sanctions may result in you not being permitted to admit residents and you may lose government funding.

We help aged care facilities across Australia, regardless of location.

“Working with Raylene and her team at Australian Aged Care Compliance to revert NTA was a great opportunity. She and her team delivered consistent, timely and very informative trainings to the RNs, EENs and PCAs in a way that was easy to understand and to put to practice. She guided and mentored the RNs to consistently achieve quality of care.”
Fiker Likassa – Facility Manager, Kalyna Care

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