Implementing Australian Aged Care Quality Standards

September 14, 2020

Implementing The New Standards

5 Commonly Asked Questions

As many people and organisations start working through their first self- assessment for the new Aged Care Quality Standards the following 5 questions seem to stand out.

  • What do the new Aged Care Quality standards in Australia mean?
  • How do we change to a person-centred approach in my aged care facility?
  • What evidence will you need to satisfy the new aged care standards?
  • What are the top five person-centred measurements you can use in your facility?
  • Duty of care v’s extra care. How do we make that happen?

What do the new Aged Care Quality standards mean?

For those that have been working towards person-centred care the new Australian aged care quality standards are now in line with the World Health Care principles outlined in 2007.

As the health of our elderly has been influenced by a complex interplay of physical, social, economic, cultural and environmental factors, Aged care must be seen in a broader context, with all stakeholders involved. We need to re-establish the core value of Aged care. This means a more holistic approach and a more balanced consideration of the rights and needs of the care recipient, as well as the responsibilities of all Aged care professionals and services.

The new aged care quality standards are a mandatory set of requirements that each aged care service must meet to achieve accreditation after the 1st of July 2019.

Each of the eight standards have been designed to ensure that care recipients receive good care that maintains their identity and helps them connect with other people, (standard one), ensures they are active participants in their care and their health, wellbeing and quality of life is optimised (standard 2,3,4), guarantees they have a sense of belonging and safety (standard 5,6) and provides a service that is run well, promoting a workforce that is caring, and respectful (standard 7,8).

Each aged care quality standard is expressed in three ways

  • Consumer outcome
  • Organisation statement
  • Requirements to meet the standard

The aged care quality and safety commission have developed a guidance and resource guide for providers to support and guide you and your organisation as you implement the Australian aged care quality standards.

Each standard has a list of resources available to you that demonstrates best practice in that particular area.

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