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We understand that each aged care facility has different requirements. We offer a number of packages designed to suit your needs.

3 Stages of Compliance




Our Aged Care Compliance Services

We understand that each aged care facility has different requirements. We offer a number of packages designed to suit your needs.

Stage 1: Assessment

Let’s draw a line in the sand and undertake a forensic audit of your current strengths as measured against the quality standards. Essentially, we replicate the level of evaluation of an assessment by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. This provides numerous benefits:

  • Equipping you to manage with the true assessment prior to it taking place
  • Identifying the key areas of improvement if you’ve received a non-compliance notice or sanction
  • Roadmapping the next six months of action to regain compliance or reduce the severity of sanctions

You are free to take our plan and implement it independently, or appoint us to facilitate the project in collaboration with your management team.

Stage 2: Compliance

Should you wish, we will manage the realignment stage, which takes six months. This highly strategic project will implement the changes needed to achieve compliance. This includes:

  • leading the project and supervising all aspects of implementation using our CARERS system
  • taking a people-first approach to ensure a holistic change at a cultural level
  • undertaking staff education and training programs to empower employees and develop their knowledge in and confidence regarding their own pathways to success
  • introduce new procedures and policies in line with new compliance systems
  • conducting ongoing evaluation throughout tactical implementation to troubleshoot as issues arise

Stage 3: Sustainability

We ensure that your facility continues to operate at a compliant standard to eradicate fears of slipping back into non-compliance.

By keeping a close eye on operations, HR, risk management, internal and external communications, financials and governance, we ensure that the entire facility runs smoothly, the culture is buoyantly positive and operations run seamlessly.

“Working with Raylene and her team at Australian Aged Care Compliance to revert NTA was a great opportunity. She and her team delivered consistent, timely and very informative trainings to the RNs, EENs and PCAs in a way that was easy to understand and to put to practice. She guided and mentored the RNs to consistently achieve quality of care.”
Fiker Likassa – Facility Manager, Kalyna Care

Rapid Response Care Plans

Need assistance urgently?

Our Rapid Response Care Plans are available as uniquely bespoke programs, giving you a 48-hour response plan to small but important needs.

This may include any single aspect of non-compliance, such as infection control, HR complaints, quality of care complaints, negative media coverage, survey results or procedural and policy problems.

We understand the urgency of such matters and will respond immediately to assess the current situation.

We will:

  • Make recommendations for immediate action (within 24 hours)
  • Provide referrals to appropriate third-party experts (eg crisis communications specialist in the case of negative media coverage)
  • Prepare action plan for next week, month and quarter to ensure sustained improvement of new procedure to prevent recurrence
  • Provide supporting documentation, policies and procedures

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